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Thrill of the Hunt

Ratchet thinks back to the time when he served in the Cybertronian War as a field medic. During the fighting, he was sent to rescue an Intelligence agent named Arcee who was injured during the fighting. The intelligence codes she possesses could turn the war in the Decepticons favor. For that reason, Megatron sends the the bounty hunter-for-hire Lockdown, to capture her, snagging Ratchet in the process. Back in the present, Lockdown has resurfaced and uses Ratchet’s EMP generator to capture Optimus Prime. Recruited by Blitzwing and Lugnut to locate the Autobots who destroyed Megatron, Lockdown is revealed to be just a bounty hunter who doesn’t care about the Decepticon’s cause and just does it for the ‘upgrades’ he can get. Ratchet also reveals that the EMP generator Lockdown stole from him, which he used to repair injuries, doesn’t work on the one bot it was designed for, namely him! But Ratchet also despises Lockdown for turning a medical tool into a weapon, and forcing him to use the generator to wipe out Arcee’s memory so that the Decepticons wouldn’t get hold of her security codes. But as a result, she wiped out every other memory she ever had, even of Ratchet and herself. Lockdown is apparently destroyed when his ship crashes into a bridge and Ratchet reveals to Prime that his encounter with Lockdown and Arcee is one of the reasons he is the way he is.

Feb. 09, 2008

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