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To obtain Destronium to help rebuild his body, Megatron bails a fleet-footed thief named Nino Sexton out of jail and gives him Isaac Sumdac’s experimental super-speed suit to obtain the Destronium for him. Since the Destronium is highly unstable it needs to be transported quickly from the research lab to Megatron directly. Megatron uses Sumdac’s private bank account to make Sexton do the job. Having arrested Nino Sexton before, the Autobots are shocked to learn that he now has super speed powers, which makes Bumblebee upset that Nanosec, Sexton’s new name, is faster than him. Even with a pair of experimental rocket boosters created by Sumdac, Bumblebee is unable to truly catch Nanosec. However, the Autobots make two startling discoveries: 1-Nanosec’s new speed suit is making him age rapidly, and 2-their constant movements are destabilizing the Destronium which will cause it to explode and take out half of Detroit. The Autobots use their combined talents (Bulkhead’s battering arm, Prowl’s jump boosters and Bumlebee’s rocket boosters) to launch Bumblebee into the upper atmosphere where he hurls the Destronium away before it explodes.

Jan. 26, 2008

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