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Transformers: Animated Séries Streaming: 3x13

Endgame, Part 2

The Lugnut Supremes touch down on Earth and launch a full scale assault on Detroit. At first, Optimus and Prowl battle the clones with their aerial upgrades. After the clone with Megatron inside is defeated, Megatron disembarks on his own. Meanwhile, Starscream pieces himself together and heads for Earth as well. On the Moon, Ratchet and Sari revive Arcee and return her memories, and retake control of Omega Supreme from Lugnut and Shockwave, who are defeated. Soon, when the clones are freed, Starscream reveals he had planted a self-destruct bomb inside the Omegas, which will destroy everything within a 100 mile radius. Prowl and Jazz manage to piece the AllSpark together from the scattered fragments (killing Starscream in the process, by removing the piece in his head) to deflect the blast, but only when Prowl sacrifices his Spark does it come to fruition. Eventually, Megatron, Shockwave and Lugnut are taken into custody, and the group returns to Cybertron with the Decepticons, Omega Supreme, and Prowl’s body, greeted by an enthusiastic crowd of Cybertronians.This is the last episode of Transformers Animated.

May. 23, 2009

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