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Star Saber, Hero of the Universe

The year is 2025 AD. Since escaping from Earth, the Destrons have continued their invasion of planets all over the universe in search of a new base. To defend against them, the Cybertrons have joined forces with the people of Earth, forming the Space Defense Force, led by their mightiest warrior, Star Saber.

One day, Wingwaver reports to Star Saber that the Destron Dinoforce have attacked the Moon, heading toward Earth.

The Brainmasters — Blacker, Laster and Braver — move to investigate reports of Destron activity and face off against the Dinoforce on the Moon.

Star Saber heads toward the Moon as well, then encounters a strange energy in space which turns out to be the Destron commander, Deszaras.

The other Multiforce members — Dashtacker and Machtackle — arrive to remove the people from the Moon station as Star Saber defeats the Dinoforce before he and Deszaras do battle on the Moon.

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