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Transformers: Victory Séries Streaming: 1x10

Attack the Shuttle Base!

Aboard the Thunder Arrow somewhere in the depths of the ocean, Deathsaurus listens as Leozack lists off the latest in a litany of excuses for his repeated failures. A roar from Deathsaurus’s Tigerbreast prompts Leozack to cut to the chase and explain that he has just put a new information-gathering plan into motion. The target of this plan is the New Energy Resource Research and Development Laboratory in Japan, where new minerals from across the galaxy are studied to discern their energy potential, but intrusion into their computer system is immediately detected by one alert scientist. The scientist heads down to the lab’s computer centre, where he spots a sinister shadow interfering with the computer core. When he demands the person show themselves, however, the scientist is shocked when a giant robotic bat reveals itself and smashes through the wall to the outside. Peering out the hole left by the creature, the scientist watches as it attaches itself to the chest of a waiting Decepticon, who introduces himself as the fifth member of the Breastforce—Hellbat! The scientist sounds the alarm and Autobot and human troops come running, but in the course of the fight, stray shots from the Autobot troopers ignite fuel tanks on the laboratory complex. As the area begins going up in flames, Hellbat eschews any further physical combat in exchange for a swift getaway, and, with an eerie chant, unleashes a hypnotic sonic wave that makes his opponents fall unconscious.

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