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Transformers: Victory Séries Streaming: 1x11

Tanker Theft Operation

Hidden from sight within a mountain range, the Decepticons have set down in the Thunder Arrow. In the throne room, the newly-arrived Hellbat introduces himself to Deathsaurus and offers the emperor a « gift »—information he has gathered on a energy shipment that the Decepticons will easily be able to steal. Deathsaurus sends Kakuryū to fetch Leozack, who is busy training with the other Breastforce members outside and debating with them why he summoned the back-stabbing Hellbat to Earth in the first place. Summoned before Deathsaurus, Leozack is instructed by his emperor to attack the Nevada spaceport. Leozack protests that two previous attacks on the facility have turned up nothing, but Deathsaurus insists, and Leozack is quick to realize that Hellbat has been sneaking around behind his back again. Infuriated at being made to look a fool, Leozack departs for the spaceport, but Hellbat follows him, defending his decision to keep the information from Leozack and winning his commander around with smarmy words.

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