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Transformers: Victory Séries Streaming: 1x17

Liocaesar, Merge!

The homeworld of the Micromasters, planet Micro, has come under attack from Decepticons. Despite the fact that the planet is in the sector protected by his arm of the Galactic Defense Force, God Ginrai and his forces are occupied battling Overlord’s army in G Nebula 89, necessitating the assistance of Star Saber, who quickly heads for Micro. Accompanying him aboard Galaxy Shuttle are the Rescue Team, who are thrilled to be returning home, and Jean, who nearly chokes on a soda when the Rescues inform him that the reason Holi is being so serious is because he’s worried about his girlfriend down on Micro. As Star Saber and Galaxy Shuttle enter the planet’s atmosphere, their arrival is observed by a mysterious figure…

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