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Transformers: Victory Séries Streaming: 1x2

Dinoking's Surprise Attack

Deszaras orders his second-in-command, Leozak, to strike down anyone who tries to interfere with the Destrons’ plans to steal Earth’s energy. Leozak then orders the Dinoforce leader, Goryu, to take the others and destroy Galaxy Shuttle at the Cybertron base. Goryu comically rouses the other Dinoforce members and they head toward Earth, encountering Wingwaver, who is on patrol, on the way.

The Brainmasters then head out to aid Wingwaver in his battle against the Dinoforce and begin to overwhelm their opponents. As a result, the Dinoforce merge into the giant Dinoking (recolored Monstructor). The Pretender shells of the Dinoforce has invaded the Cybertron’s base as Dinoking thrashes the Brainmasters, forcing Star Saber to head into space to save his men.

Star Saber drives off Dinoking as Galaxy Shuttle sends the Pretender dinosaurs flying.

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