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Transformers: Victory Séries Streaming: 1x29

The Death-Bringing Space Bug

With word coming in of Decepticon attacks in the Orient, the Autobots move the Shuttle Base to Japan. As Galaxy Shuttle departs on patrol, the watching Jean, Holi, Wingwaver and Dashtacker are distracted by the roars and shouts of Victory Leo, who is crashing and blasting his way through a nearby rocky outcrop. Wingwaver tells him that training is one thing, but to be careful not to destroy the base… only to be immediately silenced by the icy glare the feral Autobot shoots him. Dashtacker sighs that he can’t think of Victory Leo as God Ginrai reborn, and Jean grows depressed again as he is reminded of this fact. The two Multiforcers head inside to rejoin Machtackle, who has just intercepted a coded Decepticon message. Decrypting the communiqué, they deduce that the Decepticons are targeting the geothermal power plant on Mount Asama and inform Star Saber that they are going to head out. The Supreme Commander (currently undergoing a mysterious procedure at the hands of Wheeljack, Perceptor and Minerva) orders them to stay, and instead dispatches Victory Leo, Holi and Jean, much to the Multiforce’s chagrin.

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