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Transformers: Victory Séries Streaming: 1x30

Terror of the Giant Tsunamis

Deathsaurus issues his latest threat to the Autobots via video-tape, bragging that he has developed a super smart-missile that can strike anywhere in the world. The deadly projectiles are launched from an orbiting satellite and fire automatically, meaning that even Star Saber will be unable to reach the satellite in time to stop their launch. Deathsaurus quickly demonstrates by targeting Sambalpur, India, and despite the speed with which Star Saber issues emergency orders, the Multiforce and Rescue Team arrive at the location only seconds before the missile impacts. Upon impact, the missile detonates and scatters multiple smaller missiles across the immediate area, hitting Kathmandu, Calcutta, the Bay of Bengal and the Deccan Plateau, causing widespread devastation. After providing aid in Kathmandu, the Rescue Team and Multiforce head for Calcutta, after being given one strict order by Star Saber: Do not engage any Decepticons under any circumstances. This is Deathsaurus’s true goal—using the threat of his new missiles to stay the Autobots’ hand so that his forces can freely gather as much energy as they want.

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