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Transformers: Victory Séries Streaming: 1x37

Showdown! The Fortress vs the Victory Unification

With Deathsaurus’s Planet-Destroying Fortress active and raining meteors down upon the Earth and Star Saber missing in action, the Multiforce and Rescue Team are left to protect the planet on their own. The Multiforce merge into Landcross to stop a meteor from crashing on top of the Shuttle Base, but are caught in the explosion and badly injured themselves. As the Rescue Team hurry to and fro tending to the wounded, the injured Gōryū comes to in the medical bay and requests an audience with any Autobot. Jean comes to his side, and Gōryū gives him the plans to the power source of Deathsaurus’s fortress as a means of paying back the Decepticon leader for abandoning them. With all the other Autobots occupied, Jean realizes that he is the only one who can perform this task, but as he boards the Galaxy Shuttle with the Illumina II, Holi spots him and follows him aboard. Jean explains his plan to Holi, and the pair resolve to see it through to the end.

Dec. 12, 1989

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